Heavy Duty Patio Stone - Ozark Sandstone
Our most versatile DIY stone.
Best value for durable paths and patios
where minimal base prep is desired.
Note: Some stones may exceed 60lbs.
2" Steppers
2.75" Steppers
Approx. Wt./Pallet: 1.25 Ton
Price / Pound: $0.14
80 Square Feet / Pallet
Price / Sq Ft: $4.50
An easy to use flagstone that is durable
but light enough to handle.
A good base is recommended.
Approx. Wt./Pallet: 1.25 Ton
Price / Pound: $0.18
100 Square Feet / Pallet
Price / Sq Ft: $4.50
Saint Louis Patio Pavers
Earth Tone Patio Stone - Saint Louis, MO
"Love the colors of the stone and how we have reclaimed more living space in the backyard!" - Rick & Anne
Water Garden Patio Stone off backyard deck
Quincy Illinois Flagstone Stepper Patio
Do It Yourself Stone Path - Buff Tan White Ozark Sandstone
"The neighbors have all said what beautiful stone we found!" - the McCoys
"I truly appreciate the effort you took to satisfy me as a customer..." - Dean
White Curving Sandstone Stepper Path
Natural Stone Fireplace - Buff Tan White Natural Stone Veneer
Outdoor Living - Retaining Wall - Ozark Sandstone Patio Pavers
Red Rust Patio Stone
Ozark Giraffe Rock - Web wall - Brick Accent - Ellsinore, MO
Buff White Tan Patio Pavers - Natural Stone
Outdoor Living Area - Firepit - Flagstone Patio, Poplar Bluff, MO
Ozark Red Sandstone Patio Pavers - Outdoor Living
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