Hand-cut slabs for rustic benches. Rare.
Our sandstone comes in all shapes and sizes and is a great
alternative to more formal stone like granite.
$40 - $250 per monument
$250 per bench package
$22 per face foot
Natural Stone Monument - Bloomfield, MO
Stone Bench - Current River, Van Buren, MO
Rustic Garden Bench - Natural Stone - Williamsville, MO
"I've received nothing but compliments on the stone and your work..." - Drew
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Rustic Stone Slab Bench - Ozark National Scenic Riverways
Natural Stone Slab Benches - Saint Louis MO
Red Stone Bench - Current River Overlook - Van Buren, MO
Natural Stone Bench - Current River Overlook, Van Buren, MO
Fallen Soldiers Monument - Natural Stone - Bloomfield, MO
City Welcome Sign - Natural Stone Monument - Williamsville, MO
White Sandstone Garden Bench, Williamsville, MO
Poplar Bluff, MO Welcome Sign - Natural Stone
Stone Sign, Family Name, Virginia
Stone Sign, Family Name, Address Stones, Chicago, IL
Subdivision Sign and Waterfall - Ozark Sandstone - Cape Girardeau, MO
Subdivision Sign - Rustic Natural Stone Monument - Chesterfield, MO
Natural Stone Pet Monument - Madison, WI
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"The steps are magnificent...I tell everyone who comments on them about you!" - Michelle
"Stone bench finished also.  Made the wedding extra special." - Jay
Learn about...
Hand-cut slabs for rustic steps in natural shapes.
$50 - $100 per step
Gottschalk Sandstone Quarry
We don't weigh our stones to set the price,
instead we measure the finished face feet.
Sizes can be customized to range anywhere in the 2ft to 8ft range.
A 30inch by 18 inch step is typically about $50.
A 48inch step is typically about $80.
So a stone with a 4ft by 1.5ft edge (when stacked)
would be 6 face feet. (6ft x $22 = $132 stone)
Large ledge rock outcropping stones (10inch - 20inch thick)
used as decorative accents and retaining walls.