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Gottschalk Sandstone Quarry
We are the Gottschalks. Everybody always asks us, "How did you end
up in the Ozarks? Running a flagstone quarry?". Well...here's how.

Anne and Finn were raised in Wisconsin. When we were 21 we decided
to move to Oregon. Armed with a degree from OSU (keep gnawing,
Beavers!), Finn became a Soil Scientist with the USDA in Montana and
Alaska. Invariably, while digging holes he kept running in to rocks...and
frost. That's when the lightbulb got a little dim and it occurred to
him..."Why wait for the spring thaw each year? Why not take my talents
and go straight to the source? To the motherland of rocks and mild
winters. To the Missouri Ozarks!"

In 2006 we bought a property with a functioning natural stone quarry in
SE Missouri surrounded by the Mark Twain National Forest. Ten years
later, we're still here mining a beautiful vein of sandstone that Finn
hand-splits into thin veneer, patio & path pavers, retaining wall stone,
benches, steps, and ledge rock boulders for customers all over the
Midwest. Our approach is organic and minimalistic. We use no
explosives and very little fossil fuel while Finn mines in the fashion of
our grandfathers.