rock quarry picture: Wedging up a slab that has just been split off using hand made wedges.
Splitting off flagstone with an 8lb hammer and 4lb splitter.
sandstone - sand deposition - geological setting
sandstone - sand deposition - geological setting
aged Missouri sandstone bluff near our rock quarry.
aged missouri stone bluff
Missouri sandstone bluff near our stone quarry.
Missouri sandstone flagstone. Stacking Stone - Finished pallets.
Missouri sandstone flagstone. Sorting stone thicknesses and colors.
Missouri sandstone flagstone range of colors.
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Contact Gottschalk Stone Co.- we can help you!
Large Delivery Truck (up to 20 pallets is around $350 to Saint Louis Area)
Small delivery truck (up to 6 tons)
Ozark thin Veneer sandstone - Piedmont, MO
Patio Pavers - Flagstone Steppers - Saint Louis MO
thick retaining wall slabs and boulders
ripple marks left in this layer of our sandstone
Gottschalk Sandstone Quarry
Learn about...
What is flagstone?
Flagstone are large flat slabs or "flags" of quarried stone cut in irregular shaped pieces. Smaller pieces of flagstone
that are less than 16 inches square are often called steppers. Our pallets are mixed with larger pieces of flagstone
and smaller steppers.
What type of flagstone do you carry?
We only split and sell flagstone from our sandstone quarry. This ensures a quality product that we stand behind
and are proud to sell. Finn will wedge, cut and stack your stone for your project. Please see our
quarry page for
detailed information on how our rock is quarried.
How is sandstone formed?
The sandstone being quarried is thought to be from the Roubidoux formation of Ordivician-age rock
(about 450 million years old). It formed under water from settled sediments in a shallow inland sea.
How is the stone quarried?
The stone in our quarry is worked largely by hand. After the bedrock is wedged from the bluff ledge, it is broken
down into large stones and split along its natural seams with a hammer and splitter. Some large rocks with
interesting character are left as is or worked into custom products like monuments, stone benches, and capstones.
The rest of the rock is split, sorted, and stacked onto pallets.
Learn more.
Is this stone quarried in a environmentally sustainable way?
As a small 2 acre quarry, we hand-cut less than 150 tons in a year. We move no soil or overburden, and recycle
what little rock waste we produce for road maintenance. We use no explosives to quarry our rock and require less
than 1.5 gallons of diesel for each pallet of stone that leaves our property.
Can the individual stones be shaped? Yes.
With a little patience and practice, and some basic tools found around the house, rocks can be shaped as needed.
See how on
How much stone is on a pallet? All of our pallets average 18 cubic feet of stone weighing 2500 lbs.
Which flagstone thickness should I choose for my project?
The thickness you choose will depend on the project you're planning, your physical fitness, and whether or not you will mortar
the stones in, etc. Read below for details...
What color is the stone?
The stone comes in a range of earth tones from dark red and orange to grey, tan and buff white. See Photo Gallery.
Will the stone color fade over time? Yes.
The stone will fade/age to gray or a lighter color over time. It depends how much the stone is exposed to the weather.
If you like the color and how it looks when it is wet consider using a water sealant safe for natural stone.
How long will I wait for my stone?
If we don't have what you're looking for on-hand, your order will be filled on a first-come first-serve basis. Wait times can vary
from a few days to several weeks based on the size of your order and the desired color and thickness of stone. We produce a
limited amount of our stone so order well in advance of when you plan your project.
Stacked Walls/Retaining Walls - Any stone thickness can be used for stacked walls, but most of our
customers use our 4 inch stone. A wall with thick individual stones is strong, easy to build, and economical.
For walls that are less than 2ft tall, our 4 inch Stacker pallets are ideal. The rocks have been hand-cut to less
than 10 inches wide making installation a snap. There is no rock cutting or shaping necessary. Just stack
them up. For stacked walls higher than 2 ft tall, we recommend our 4 inch Random Wall stone.
Veneer - On structures with a 6 inch brick ledge, our 4 inch Random Wall Stone is a popular choice.
On projects where you want to keep weight and price at a minimum our
Thin Veneer Stone is an
excellent choice.
Can you deliver?
On orders of 5 or less we can deliver your stone for around $75 a pallet to the Saint Louis area. Larger orders can be shipped via
Patios and Walkways - Flat stone work ranges from folks placing stepping stones directly on the ground
to fully mortared projects like pool surrounds. Most of our customers use our
flagstone steppers for patios
and walkways. When choosing between 2 inch stone and 2.75 inch stone keep in mind that the thicker
stone has larger, stronger pieces while the thinner stone will be a little easier to handle. If you're topping
an existing concrete slab and/or mortaring stones together, any of our stone thicknesses can be used.